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Feeling more like home

After a few weeks in the condo, it’s beginning to feel more like home. Tomorrow, the movers bring some of our belongings, such as our bedroom set (no more living out of boxes!!), clothing and who knows what else, as it’s been so long I’ve forgotten what we own. This has been good preparation though for determining what we need vs what we want, as most of the stuff will either go into a smaller storage unit, or will be sold.

Tonight I came home to see that the tile for the fireplace has been installed. It had to wait until the black steel surround was installed, which happened a few weeks ago. The TV will be mounted above the fireplace. Can’t wait to have a fire in the fireplace, especially now that the weather is getting cold.

photo 2

Semi-moved in

Jim and I have moved most of our belongings from the apartment we have been renting in the Barrington to the condo. The work is not finished and the walls will be painted this week. Thanks to our friends Greg and Diana, we’ll stay at their place this week while they are away on vacation. The kitchen is now fully functional and is looking nice!

Jim takes a look at the work that has been completed. This week, the tile is grouted. We are still waiting on a steal surround for the fireplace. Once that’s in, the tile goes up for the fireplace. The two-way fireplace will separate the dining area from the living room.IMG_3308