My husband Jim and I sold our house in the foothills and bought a condo in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver. Our initial idea was to make a few upgrades and keep the price low. Well, that idea didn’t last very long, as it became clear that there was a lot to be done to make updates. Soon, we were hiring an architect and began the process of transforming a 1965 condo into a contemporary living space. This is our “forever home” as it is on one floor in a building with an elevator and is within walking distance to restaurants, museums and shopping. We can age in place here. We can customize our living space for our needs.

The renovation now begins in earnest and this blog will track the progress. From demolition to completion to house warming party. Every day, Jim and I go up to see how progress is coming. That’s made easier by the fact that we are currently renting a unit in the same building. We’re just a short elevator ride to our floor and our soon-to-be “sanctuary in the city”.

Condo Renovation

Condo Renovation

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  1. Edna

    Hello Guys, looks like a great plan. I 27 yrs ago now had to live in a renovation mess. I was my own art.. ha ha. Sure made some goofs, but has been done a couple of times since. Will be fun to watch your progress.


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