Bathroom tile

The guest bathroom is also taking shape, with tile, tub, sink and wall-mounted toilet now up. We had saved the faucet from the old place, thinking we could save ourselves the expense of buying a new one. The contractor now can’t find it, so it looks like we’ll be buying one after all.

2 thoughts on “Bathroom tile

  1. MAry Zappa

    Awesome !! Just waiting for an invite !…..Wow there are so many features that are so cool…..Love the back splash tile in the kitchen.

    MZ & RH…. Saw your new letter it looks like you and Jim are now “Master Pourers” we too are certified. “Slainte” to you both.

    1. viberkley Post author

      Happy New Year Mary! We are still working on the built-ins and window treatments but do have a bedroom and bath for guests. How’s everyone in your family?


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