Powering up

This electric panel is about twice the size of the one installed in 1965. There are so many more gadgets that are now essential to life in 2013. Since the panel is in the hallway, I’m already thinking of ways to hide it. A large painting on hinges perhaps? I wonder if that would meet code.

The shell of a fireplace

A feature we are excited to have as part of the remodel is a two-sided fireplace that will be in the middle of the living room and dining area. This week, the fireplace insert went in. River rocks are going on the bottom of the fireplace – not sure yet if we have to find those ourselves. If so, that might be a good excuse to hand around a river for a day.

The doors are in!

Initially, we thought it would be super cool to have bifold doors that could open up the entire 16 feet of space to the balcony. Then, we found out what it would cost – not in our budget. So, we chose to put in French doors, a few glass panels and a single door. Still connects the indoor space to the outdoor area. What you see framed in the middle is the two-sided fireplace. Now that, we decided, was worth the splurge.